Friday, April 29, 2011

PRIVATE SWAP: MissTopaz & ArtyBeth3

S0 i was looking at the swaps and found this cute sounding one - Flower Note Cards

The rules for it were -

      Send 3 flower themed note cards to each of your 3 partners. There can be other things on the cards, but they must have flowers on them.
     They should be store-bought and be “every day cards,” meaning blank on the inside. It’s ok if the outside has a “thinking of you” or “hello” message (no occasion/holidays or thank you cards).
     On one of the 3 cards you send to each partner, you will write a note to your partner. The other 2 cards will be for your partners to use. Please make these 2 cards different. Please include envelopes for the cards your partners will use.

I asked is newbies were aloud and sadly got told no.  Oh fudge monkeys i said.  But I later got a message from the host asking if I would like to do the swap but a one on one.  I was all in.

I went through my cards and guess what.  A theme popped out, Poppies.  I grabbed 4 cards.  Taking on i wrote my note to Miss Beth.

After writting the note, I thought how to i add a bit of fun personally to this for Beth.  Off to her profile i went.  Penguins!  She loves penguins.  Ok time to make a cute envelope.  (yes the blue foam piece is there to hide her addy.  I know mine is there  oh well^^)

Very cute if I do say so


Pink and Pretty

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